Home Renovation

What is a home renovation?

A home renovation is the process of repairing or improving a structure, fixture or room within a home. It can be used with homes that are in use or those that have been abandoned due to their dilapidated state. The renovation could be simple or it could be complex and costly depending on what needs to be changed in the home.

What is changed in a home renovation?

It could be a simple repaint job for some rooms or the whole house, changing the redditch doors and windows or an aspect of the doors and windows.

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It could also include changing a few fixtures such as the cabinets and countertops in a kitchen or bedroom, the floor in the house, improving the ceilings, changing the roof or repainting the existing roof and changing the existing lighting fixtures. Renovations could also have multiple aspects of the aforementioned activities with respect to the main reason of carrying out the renovations.

The renovation works may also include working on the garden and the areas surrounding the house including pavements, gardens, gazebos and any other structures. In such a case, the renovation should be commissioned when the weather is appropriate to prevent giving the contractors a hard time.

Why do people have home renovations?

For most people renovations help improve the comfort of their houses. However, there are other reasons why people may renovate their houses. For example, to install new and more efficient fixtures in an old house, to improve the aesthetic value of the house as well as to increase the value of the house for sale purposes. Renovation may also be geared towards complying with the regulations set in place such as with regards to energy efficiency of a building. A renovation could also be done to enhance the readiness of the house for leasing purposes.

When do people have home renovations?

Renovations can be carried out any time and therefore this is solely dependent on the availability of resources to effect the changes. Spring is by far the most popular time to carry out simple renovations to an existing structure. Summertime is also a great time to renovate the house especially when the renovations are major and may disrupt the day to day activities in the house. However, most people tend to have renovations whenever they intend to sell the house or lease it out.

Who has home renovations?

Renovations are ideally carried out by the owner of the home. However, this work can be commissioned by the tenant, an agent or a representative of the owner in their absence. Renovations can be done in person or outsource to a building contractor who specialises in the kind of renovations that are expected to take place.

While renovations improve the comfort, efficiency of the house as well as its value, it is essential to work with a budget to avoid financial stress in subsequent months or weeks. Therefore, it should be planned efficiently, scheduled at the most appropriate time and reported to the respective authorities to avoid legal issues.